Timnath Beerwerks - Out On The Town


Beer Festivals and Community Events

Pictured: Wibby Brewing Hooplagers all-lager beer festival, 2019


Philanthropy and Involvement

Pictured: Brewery Adopt-a-Highway volunteering, 2019


On Tap in Northern Colorado

Pictured: Classic American Pale collab. with Hop Grenade, Foco

Find our beers currently on tap at amazing beer bars and restaurants in Northern Colorado:

The Hop Grenade (Fort Collins) - Blackberry Tangerine Catharina Sour and “Good Bugs” Mixed Culture Variant
Matador (Fort Collins) - Schwarzbier
The Regional (Fort Collins) - Copper Lager
Zwei Brewing (Fort Collins) - Juicy IPL collab. w/ Zwei
If you don’t see us on tap at your favorite beer bar or restaurant… Tell a manager you want Timnath Beerwerks on tap!

Everyone loves a good beer festival! You can find us pouring at these upcoming beer fests and other events:

Hops for Hunger (Windsor) - September 13
Fall Harvest BrewFest (Fort Collins) - September 21
Taste in Timnath (Timnath) - September 28
Great American Beer Festival (Denver) - October 3 thru 5
RainDance Fall Festival (Windsor) - October 12